Buy upgrades, auto-battle and risk it all on your way to the bottom of the dungeon†. Every enemy you defeat becomes a new character to play. Rearrange actions and power-ups to create unexpected attack patterns all making an impact on the soundtrack.

†  No proper ending built in... yet.

Autorogue is an entry to the 2020 7DRL game jam with the following asterisks******

  • Idea was conceived in January 2020
  • Auto playing engine and component system was created prior
  • Art direction was explored prior
  • The game and content as it plays today was completed within the week

Design and Development
Jonathon Yule

Music/Sound System
Samson Graham

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorJonathon Yule
TagsArcade, autobattle, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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I like the game but i dont understand some parts like the "double next"

Do you plan to continue development?

I do! COVID-19 has caused a wrinkle in the timing for future development but it is in the works.

I can't wait. I spent hours playing this and it is one of the most fun game jam games I've played. :)

1)  I love the sounds;  it makes me want to do something similar with composition.  Can you tell me more about the tools used to design this?
2)  Once I got the queue locked, there was nothing to do except boost stats, and with doubles on my wait-and-heal, I became rather immortal.  That said, I had fun watching it and playing with it.

Hey guy who did this music here, sorry I'm so late on this. 

Thanks, I do all my sound stuff on Logic Pro. For this project I kept it very simple and used a single poly synth for all the sounds and bgm: ES P

My only tip for getting this kinda sound would be to avoid presets and initialize the synth settings (meaning putting them all to zero), then build the sounds from there.

  1. Volume slider, please t.t
  2. The tooltips about what an ability does only show up sometimes and for a moment.
  3. Getting more gold in later stages eventually leaves you with far too much to spend.
  4. Stacking armor seems both really boring(it just normal attacks) and insanely powerful - you become invulnerable and one double next+heal is all it takes to stay topped up until very late stages(I stopped upgrading around 27, got to at least 50 without my health ever dipping below 70% HP. I was actually unable to die and end the run)
  5. Stat upgrades being so cheap and infinitely stackable might be overpowered. Might because I have no clue what it actually does. What if they were instead per-stage and based on your monster type, so as to guide ability choice?
  6. More modifier abilities would be fun - multiple target, lifesteal(based on distance to reward melee more than ranged), two next abilities at once with -35/30/25% damage and 2t cooldown, etc.
  7. Being able to remove abilities for a price would be really great, at some point you don't want the same stuff you originally wanted anymore.

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate your detailed feedback. Balancing, action management, etc is top of mind for me.

Well put!


Really intriguing!!

  1. The menu music keeps playing in the background even as other active-combat music plays. It would be nice to just disable the menu music entirely.
  2. I found it odd to see the shop right away after picking a character. I didn't understand what I was supposed to do. Maybe immediately starting the first level instead of a shop when beginning would help.
  3. "Press icons for details." was extremely unstable and only invoked the transparent animating tooltip about 20% of the time regardless of how I tried to manipulate clicks.

High score 122 with the Leprechaun lol. Fun!

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback and I'll be thinking of ways of incorporating it.

Really easy to pick up and fun to play and progress. The sound design is spot on, and I really enjoyed the art style. I enjoy buying the upgrades, but I never felt like the order of the runes really mattered to my success. Awesome work! One of the best entries I've played of this 7DRL. Bonus points for it working on web on my phone, that was great.

I really like the idea of doubling up on abilities and combining them. I wonder if I could have control, whether that would be more interesting. (Maybe I'd rather have 2 level 2's in my rotation rather than 1 level 3?)

It's very well done. I don't really get what the upgrades are doing, but it's fun watching your overpowered char rounding up the levels until he dies on a higher (or lower?) dungeon level.
You can also play as a wall. Never did that before.

Thanks for playing! Making the battles more readable is in works.

On floor thirty two the amount of money I currently had on my person exceeded the amount of money I had spent in total.  After that, they never swapped back because I couldn't physically spend money fast enough to make a dent in the money I get per floor. I don't know how many floors there are here, but it is too many.  The boss should probably be on floor 20, not 100 or whatever it is on currently.

Maybe there isn't one.  It occurs to me the only reason I thought there was an end was the description.

I got to floor 80 and had the same problem.


Appreciate you both playing the game, you both made it further than any time I was able to! You are correct that there is no end currently programmed in, but it is coming soon. I will update the description to better reflect the current reality.


Totally agree with you that there is a ton of balancing work to be done and there needs to be a more delineated ending. More soon!

this game is great. add a layer that allows your bot to buy itself upgrades and it will really be autorogue. :)

Thank you for taking the time to play it. Autoautorogue 7DRL 2021

This is fantastic!  Super satisfying.

I appreciate you playing and the kind words, thanks!

Agreed, I wan't sure what was happening, but the visuals and especially the soundtrack are just brilliant - well done :)

Definitely needs to be made more readable during the battle sequences which I will be addressing in a later update. Thanks for playing!

Even when I couldn't follow what was going on, had a great time doing it! Dynamic soundtrack was well executed too 

Thanks for playing! I really appreciate it.